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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bags and bags of buttons

Well, I have just found a fab website. Started having a look around at some crafty sites and found this lovely one at http://www.itsthecatswhiskers.com/

Bought bags and bags of lovely heart buttons which I'm hoping to put onto my cards and bunting. Will post the photos on as soon as they arrive. Great little website, no minimum order and reasonable postage. Was also extra happy to discover that they werre based in the lovely town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire where my lovely sister lives with her family. Hebden Bridge has had some bad press recently which is unfortunate for such an individual town with such an eclectic mix of independent businesses. I wish you well 'It's the cat's whiskers'. Can't wait for my parcel!!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Dress to impress

Ok, so my husband is telling me I need to upload loads of photos on here of recent things I have made. I am going to do my best to find all the photos of things I have made but not sure how easy it will be. Bear with me!
I am really new to all this blogging malarky. I was trying to explain it to Olivia this morning. She lay in bed next to me (she is my daughter!) and listened intently to my trying to explain what a blog was. After a short pause she said, "So it's basically like a big rumour!?". How true is that?? Out of the mouths of babes.
Anyway, I'll try to show you some creations!
This is Phoebe modelling the pop over sundress from Sew Hip magazine. The material was actually from a charity shop and was a duvet cover in a previous life!

Help!! I'm out of my depth already!

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog posting! Seeing as you've taken the trouble to get this far, it is only fair that I tell you a bit about myself on a more personal level.
I have just turned 37 years old and I am the mother of three fab children. Olivia is 10, Phoebe is 6 and Noah is 18 months.
I trained as a teacher in 1995 and have been teaching since then. Since becoming a mum I have only been working a couple of days a week and I have LOVED being at home.
Last summer I enrolled myself on a Dressmaking and Textiles course at my local FE college. I hadn't sewn anything since secondary school but 12 months on I am completely addicted to fabric and all things handmade!
As a result I have decided to take a career break whilst my children are still young enough to appreciate having me around. I have decided to run a massive risk and attempt to run my own online business specialising in contemporary handmade cards and home textiles; bunting, door stops, hanging hearts etc.
Beginning to get nervous now. Only 25 days til the end of school term and that means only 2 more pay days. The mortgage still needs to be paid and we definitely need to eat so I thought I'd make a start and get a blog going.
PLEASE follow me on here and pass the link onto your friends. My DH is getting twitchy!