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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday ramblings

Went into work today! real work... supply teaching in my old school....... Love the place but it reminded me of why I decided to open www.lockstockboutique.com!
Got myself up and dressed in reasonable time..... children all dressed (albeit in crazy clothes for Be Bright Day!)...dropped the eldest off at morning Netball, realised I needed diesel..... purse not in handbag....raced home...remembered purse was in bodywarmer.....couldn't find bodywarmer..... set off again munching on toast in the car.... Managed to get diesel on a random bank card I found in a pocket of my handbag.....8.45am husband phones to ask where middle child's coat is!!??  All before 9am.
Since opening Lock Stock Boutique my stressful days have taken on a different form...... can I manage to get all my orders done within my personal deadlines, have I ordered enough fabric? etc... all in the comfort of my own home..... no diesel required, no racing around to get to work on time, no trying to remember whether to pick the children up from after school clubs or a friend's house!  I LOVE being my own boss and I love the fact I can do it all in the comfort of my own home with a lovely cup of tea and the company of Phil and Holly!
If you're considering making a change...... go for it!!


  1. .....exactly....point well made x BareBlooms (run from home-ish whilst juggling two children and being a singe mum)

  2. you've hit the nail on the head, there.
    bbc iplayer whilst I do my orders, magic!